KIDS 6-12

KIDS 6-12

Molecular Futures

Manitoba Theatre for Young People

April 13-27, 2021

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Devised by Véronique Bossé and Jeremy Segal with Joseph Browne


When the man’s father passed away, he left the man a box with his name on it. For ten years, the box sat in the man’s basement, unopened. One summer, he decides to open the box at his family cottage on an isolated island in the middle of a deep, dark lake. On his way there, a wave hits his boat, and the box is thrown overboard. It sinks down to the very bottom of the lake.

The man’s three attempts to recover the box take him on a magical journey below the waves — but when he finally brings the box back to the surface, will he be ready to open it?

Through a combination of traditional and multimedia storytelling, Crossing the Ocean invites its audience to dive into the depths of their own hearts, exploring the flooded caverns of loss and the courage it takes to remember what is so easily forgotten. Crossing the Ocean asks the question, “What will you remember when you grow up, and how?”

Production History

October 21 ― 25, 2019

Story & Character workshops with Véronique Bossé

May 04 ― 08, 2020

Micro-Art workshops with Jeremy Segal

February 10 ― 14, 2020

Sound workshops with Joseph Browne

March 23 ― April 09, 2021

World premiere of Molecular Futures




Jeremy Segal


Light Designer

Cédric Delorme-Bouchard



Véronique Bossé


Sound Designer

Joseph Browne


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Available April 13 - 27, 2021


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