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MONTRÉAL, FEBRUARY 2022 - Quebec’s oldest theatre company for young audiences (TYA) has just announced an unprecedented 3-play deal with Télé-Québec, the largest educational francophone network in the country. As Canada's only bilingual TYA company, Youtheatre is excited to bring their award-winning digital theatre adaptations to a wider audience with Télé-Québec through 2024!

Available now is fan-favourite J'ai jamais... by Rhiannon Collett, translated by Pénélope Bourque and directed by Youtheatre's Co-Artistic Director Véa. Pandore, written by Sarah Berthiaume, will premiere next season, followed by the release of Ce-monde là, the French adaptation of Governor Award Winning writer Hannah Moscovitch's In This World.

"Our priority at Youtheatre is to show engaging work that raises important questions and invites young people to open themselves up to new realities. Youtheatre and Télé-Québec’s collaboration contributes to the promotion of culture by offering intelligent and compelling content for young audiences." -Véronique Bossé, Co-Directrice artistique de Youtheatre

"Our goal with our digital adaptations was to capture the magic of live theatre in a single and continuous take. It was a challenging and somewhat risky experiment combining theatre and cinema in a pre-recorded format. But we’re thrilled to have received such positive feedback from audiences and peers within our English network, and can’t wait to share our YouDigital productions with the Francophone milieu. We’re really lucky to have found such a strong alignment with our friends at Télé-Québec who share the same mission of providing inspiring and thought-provoking content to young audiences." -Jeremy Segal, Co-Artistic Director of Youtheatre

Éléonore Loiselle as Sam in J’ai jamais… (Théo Gagné)

FOR TEENS 13-17 - AVAILABLE NOW on Télé-Québec - the world premiere of J’ai Jamais…, the French translation of Rhiannon Collett’s META award-winning The Kissing Game. Translated by Pénélope Bourque, starring Éléonore Loiselle, and directed by Véa. Available only in French.

Sam and Kate are best friends, but there's tension building in their relationship. Their friendship takes an unexpected turn on a summer evening when their actions tear a hole in reality.

Generously Supported By: The Cole Foundation

Gabe Richardson and Cara Rebecca in Pandora. (Robert Desroches)

FOR TEENS 15+ - The french version of Pandore, written by Sarah Berthiaume and translated by Nadine Desrochers, will soon be available through Télé-Québec The award-winning YouDigital adaptation of Pandora (Best Women Empowerment Film, Paris International Short Festival) is also being presented by Ottawa’s Great Canadian Theatre Company this January through February. English version currently available for both public and classroom viewing at When 16 year-old Pandora follows her curiosity online, the world of online porn unfolds before her, leaving her conflicted yet drawn in by what she sees.

Generously Supported By: CIRA

Aiza Ntibarikure and Chloé Luchs-Tassé in our 2016 production of Ce-monde là (Robert Desroches)

FOR TEENS 13+ - The digital French adaptation of Governor General award-winner Hannah Moscovitch's In This World entitled Ce monde-là directed by Véa. This powerful play will close out our digital Télé-Québec programming. Bijou is from a privileged background. Neyssa is a recent immigrant struggling to fit in. They wait together in detention after getting into a vicious fight at school. As the girls confront each other about what happened, they realize that a deeper tragedy lies between them.


Youtheatre is seeking a film production company to produce all aspects of our 3 upcoming digital adaptations. Please email for more information!


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