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KIDS 6-12

Dreaming Now

Devised by Michel Lefebvre

& Guillaume Lévesque


A performer controls real-time projections within an immersive digital dreamscape.

In a world where we are subjected to constant digital overload, a boy dreams.  In his subconscious world, the images are pixelated, fractalized.  His sleeping state is an interface where reality and technology merge.  If a person has digital dreams, is this a new kind of human? Without Words. 

The production uses new media and interactive technologies to explore a world where we are all connected.

Awards & Nominations

Nominee - META 2017

Outstanding Contribution to Theatre - Interactive Technology Design



“The show carries with it a feeling of true theatrical achievement through technological feat.”

Charlebois Post

Interview with Michel Lefebvre (Director)

The Montreal Gazette

Production History