TEENS 13-17

Horror Story

By Greg MacArthur


A bold look at the limits of fantasy and the numbing effects of graphic violence.

In the early ’90’s two teenage boys mysteriously go missing from a small town in upstate New York. Their bodies are never found. Twenty years later, Noah and Wyatt, two 16 year-olds living in the suburbs of Montreal, attend a screening of Blood Screams, a brutally graphic horror film based on these supposedly true events. Becoming obsessed with the film, Noah and Wyatt decide to make a pilgrimage to the site where the actual murders took place to uncover the truth behind the myth.

Horror Story is about the blurry line between truth and fiction. It is about what truly scares us.


“No brash lighting cues, smoke machines or blasts of sound. Just words — ominous words.”

Numbed to violence, not to live theatre – The Gazette

“A lot of the play’s fear factor banks on what happens when the virtual life becomes indelibly combined with physical reality. These are the homey touches that lend themselves to the piece’s fearful atmosphere.”

Be Very Afraid – The Link

Production History


March 10-14, 2014
Presented by Youtheatre at The Segal Centre for Performing Arts, Montreal.

March 17-28, 2014

Presented on school tour by Youtheatre, Montreal-area.



Directed by

Michel Lefebvre

Sound Design

Thierry Gauthier

Set & Costumes

Max-Otto Fauteux

Photos by

Robert Desroches

Lightning Design

Renaud Pettigrew


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TEENS 13-17



TEENS 13-17

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