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Thank You to a Dynamic Duo!

Youtheatre’s Board of Directors wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to outgoing Artistic Director Michel Lefebvre for leading the company for the past 25 years (half of the company’s 50-year history!). Michel’s extraordinary vision and dedication has helped to establish the company as one of Canada’s leading theatre for young audiences. By collaborating with both renowned and emerging artists, the work Michel has commissioned has always been compelling, cutting-edge, and reflective of the issues and ideas that concern today’s youth. Theatres across the country have consistently programmed Youtheatre’s productions (in both English and French), a testament to the work’s artistic quality and relevance.

Michel always said that Youtheatre’s work had to speak directly to today’s young people: “Now, more than ever, young people are in the world with us, not in some protective bubble oblivious of what is going on around them. They are incredibly perceptive, able to comprehend complex ideas and formulate insightful ideas and reactions to the plays they see. We need to engage with them in how they are seeing and living in the world around them.” This is a vision we, the Board of Directors, have had the privilege to support.

The Board would also like to acknowledge the important contributions that Janna Smith has made to the company. Janna began as Tour Coordinator in 2000 and then in 2006 became General Manager. Her efforts were instrumental in developing the company’s current national touring network. Under her tenure, the company embarked on 20 national tours and one tour to the U.K. As General Manager, Janna worked closely with Michel to ensure that the company was always in excellent fiscal health. A legacy they are leaving for the next artistic and administrative team.

The incoming artistic and administrative team are soon to be announced. Stay tuned!


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