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We're Launching Free Online Programming!

Every Thursday at 7:30PM EST, join us on Facebook live for a performance from our repertoire, followed by a Q&A with some of the artists involved! Proudly presented in partnership with la Maison de la culture NDG.

Consult our complete schedule below, and stay tuned to our social media for trailers, archival photos, and bonus content!

Every Youtheatre production is accompanied by a custom study guide, which are available for free download from our website.

APRIL 16 – The Kissing Game by Rhiannon Collett (Live reading for teens)

Kate and Sam are best friends, but there’s a tension building in their relationship. When Kate’s sister falls victim to an act of violence, they are determined to bring the perpetrator to justice. On a summer evening, their actions tear a hole in reality as the assailant’s heart falls out of his chest and onto the pavement, just as it begins to snow. Their relationship crumbles in the aftermath and the girls are left to question whether any of us are truly worthy of forgiveness.

The Kissing Game was developed as part of Toronto’s Young People’s Theatre 2017-18 Leaps and Bounds National TYA Play Creation Initiative. As part of the development process, YPT and Youtheatre partnered with the Banff Centre Playwrights Lab to bring The Kissing Game to the 2018 Lab. The Kissing Game is also generously supported by the Cole Foundation

APRIL 23: Simon & the Egg, created by Michel Lefebvre (Archival presentation for kids)

Mysterious packages containing clues and riddles lead The Man to a fragile island state called Penumbra. Once beautiful and full of life, Penumbra is dying from the effects of climate change and environmental catastrophes. Unsure of why he is sent there, The Man slowly realizes that Penumbra reflects his own world, the planet Earth. He is awakened to the idea that we need to respect our environment and not abandon hope that we can make a difference and turn things around.

APRIL 30: In This World by Hannah Moscovitch (Live reading for teens)

Bijou, a pretty teenage girl from a privileged background, and Neyssa the daughter of a Jamaican immigrant family wait in detention after getting into a vicious fight at school. As the girls confront each other about what happened, they realize that a deeper tragedy lies between them. They are forced to choose between doing what they are taught and making a choice that could have lasting consequences.

MAY 7: Dreaming Now, devised by Michel Lefebvre and Guillaume Lévesque (Archival presentation for kids)

In a world where we are subjected to constant digital overload, a boy dreams. In his subconscious world, the images are pixelated, fractalized. His sleeping state is an interface where reality and technology merge. If a person has digital dreams, is this a new kind of human? (No spoken lines)


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