KIDS 6-12

Simon & the Egg

By Michel Lefebvre


A multimedia journey to another world that reflects our own.

Mysterious packages containing clues and riddles lead The Man to a fragile island state called Penumbra. Once beautiful and full of life, Penumbra is dying from the effects of climate change and environmental catastrophes. Unsure of why he is sent there, The Man slowly realizes that Penumbra reflects his own world, the planet Earth. He is awakened to the idea that we need to respect our environment and not abandon hope that we can make a difference and turn things around.




“Layered with meaning and metaphor, it does not preach, nor does it offer answers.”

The Montreal Gazette

Production History


September 29 ― October 11, 2008

Presented by Youtheatre at Théâtre-Calixa-Lavallée, Montreal.


October 07 ― April 22, 2010

Presented in French by CAM en tournée, Montreal.


November 02 ― 06, 2009

Presented in French by Youtheatre at Théâtre Calixa-Lavallée, Montreal.


April 25 ― 28, 2010

Presented in French by Salle Jean-Despréz, Gatineau.


May 12 ― 16, 2014

Presented by Youtheatre at the Salle Multi of Centre Méduse, Quebec City.


March 16 ― 22, 2015

Presented by Youtheatre at The Segal Centre for Performing Arts, Montreal



Direction & performance

Michel Lefebvre

Lightning Design

Caroline Ross

Set & Costume Design

Véronique Bertrand


Martin Messier

Guillaume Poulin

Video by


Photos by

Alexis Chartrand


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